Weekend Prisoner - an adventure

Prisoner Bob flew in to Oakland Airport Friday afternoon. He was picked arrested on the spot and immediately cuffed with hinged cuffs behind his back. He was driven to the Blacksteel dungeon in San Francisco. On the way his balls were repeatedly "bumped" in order to assure him who was, and more to the point who wasn't, in control. Upon arrivel he was locked into the cage for the rest of the afternoon.

After a suitable cooldown period, the prisoner was taken out of his cell and his manacles were changed. He now wore rusty old Darby irons both on his wrists and his ankles. He was secured standing in the middle of the dungeon with his leg irons locked to a ring in the floor. His wrists were cuffed behind his back and chained to the floor as well. To keep him from sitting down, a rod was inserted between his arms and back and attached on both sides to the ceiling. To add spice the prisoner was outfitted with a remote control electrical shocker to his balls.

Occasionally, and certainly with no reason other than pure desire to hurt him, the Master would zap his balls. His reactions were immediate:

As the prisonert shoulders were getting tired, the Master took some pity on him and laid him down on the cold floor of the dungeon to "rest" a bit.

This position was not very interesting to the Master as he couldn't watch his prisoner and so the prisoner was again moved - still on the floor, but his hands no longer in back. Still, to prevent him from messing around with the ball zapper, his hands were locked into mitts.

Since the Master had his own needs to attend to, the prisoner was moved BACK to the cage, wrists cuffed in front in Darbies.

It being late evening, the Master decided to let the prisoner eat his daily rations. These consisted, of bread and water. This being San Francisco, the bread was of course a sour dough loaf. He was also afforded a bottle to piss in.

12 Hours later. The prisoner was awakend and his bondage increased. His wrists are now chained to the top of the cage while his ankles are chained to the front. He cannot but wiggle in his discomfort.

Luckily we caught him doing the "twist":

And the beat goes on..

Well, you knew it had to happen. The prisoner has to go. Shouldn't have fed him all that "rich" food.. Anyway, prisoners in Blacksteel dungeon don't get toilet priviliges. In the interest of hygene and humiliation they are afforded an adult diaper.

Well, the prirsoner has sure got himself into quite a perdicament. Who knew there was so much chain-link in the Blacksteel dungeon? In his own words "i can't move at all!."

As the night settles it is time for the prisoners daily meal of bread and water. He also gets a chain connecting his leg irons, handcuffs, and recent addition: a Darby collar.

Finally it is lights out for our hero. Good night prisoner (at least till that middle of the night surprise inspection!)

The prisoner awakes, stretches, adjusts his bonds.

He realizes that this is the limit of his ability to move and surrenders..

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