Pentominos(tm) is a puzzle in which one of each of all possible shapes composed from 5 squares are arranged in a rectangular array that is just the right size to accommodate them. There are 12 Pentominos and thus, given that each is made of 5 squares, the grid is 60 squares in size (12x5) - there are 4 possible grid dimensions to make 60 squares - 3x12, 4x15, 5x12, 6x10 (the 2x30 is simply not possible since one or more of the Pentominos is 3 squares in each dimension!). The most interesting one is 6x10.

Gominos goes one step further by allowing for TriOminos, QuadrOminos, HexOminos, and SeptOminos. (It would allow for more, and in fact the software is capable of nGominos, but compute power is simply not up to it yet and so I didn't even put the options in the menus). Simply choose the number of squares (n) and the dimensions of the grid and let 'er rip!

Note: This applet will not work under Netscape Communicator since the Java engine is not capable of Java 1.1 functionality required by it.

No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

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