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Keys for handcuffs

It is assumed that the handcuffs are in proper working order and that all they need is a key made to the lock. Prices do not cover any unforseen work in making the handcuff lock operational. If this is necessary a quotation is provided prior to any work being carried out including the key being made.

Two options are available for keys to be made for handcuffs.

Option 1 -

The best and recommend method is to have the handcuffs sent out. This guarantees the key will operate and that the handcuffs are in working order. The average return postage cost is $20.00 US for most models. Weight of 1.2 pound or 500 grams.

See prices of some popular keys listed below.

Option 2 -

A key is made to the particular cuff, ( if available ) from my collection.

This key is should work but is not guaranteed. Therefore a full money back refund is assured.

See prices of some popular keys listed below.

Please Note. For British and Indian Darby keys, the handcuffs do need to be sent out.

Key for most popular handcuffsPrices each
Bean Cobb&$15.00
Bean Patrolman$15.00
Bean Prison$15.00
Bean leg iron$15.00
Bean Giant$30.00
H & R Super$15.00
Hiatt end lock$25.00
Maltby Triangular key$35.00
Marlin Daley bottle neck$35.00
Smith & Wesson model 94$15.00
Tower Bean&$15.00
Tower bottom key$15.00
Tower single or double lock$15.00

If you choose option 1, your cost will be the price for key and return postage.

If you choose option 2, your cost will be the key (postage included)

US dollar cash sales preferred but if you need to send a cheque please add an additional $5.00 to cover bank handling fees.

Sorry no credit card facilities available.

For other keys, write for details.

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