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Dungeon Leg Irons

Type: Leg Irons

These MASSIVE dungeon Leg Irons are likely from the 1700s.

They were likely used for a long time till they wore out. The amount of metal left on the connecting links is rather small where they touch (and rub). One can only assume that they were removed when the chance of their breaking was deemed high and likely replaced with another pair.

The locking mechanism is rather clever. A square bolt with leaf springs on three sides anchored at the end of the bolt. When it is inserted into the lock case, the springs get cramped till the bolt is the whole way in at which point all three spring out and prevent the bolt from being removed. The key presess all three leafs at once enabeling the bolt to be retracted.

Only one side locks. The other side is a classical puzzle lock. It can only be taken apart when the locking side is in the unlocked mode and can be slipped through the puzzle side.

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