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Smith & Wesson Model-1 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson the old gun and handcuff manufacturer, has come out with one of the newest change in the design of steel handcuffs since the early 1900's.

They are called the Model 1 Universal Handcuff, "One Size Fits All". They will open 25% larger (9.3" maximum inside circumference for big people) and also close 25% smaller (5.8" minimum inside circumference for slimmer people) than their current standard size Model 100's or older Model 90's.

They are elliptical in shape, somewhat like the Smith & Wesson 1900 Leg Irons they have been selling for a few years. For large sizes the wrists tend to be in the normal parallel position. As they are tightened the elliptical opening changes causing the wrists to prefer the same plane position as favored in French Handcuffs. For a small person they could possibly also be used as very restrictive two link Leg-Irons.

They use the USA standard handcuff key, 2 keys are provided, and they are NIJ (National Institute of Justice) certified. With all these added features they weigh 12 oz, compared with 10 oz for their standard cuff. They fit most standard cuff cases, cuff holders or straps.

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