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Tower Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

These are the "classical" Old West handcuffs. The bow swings into the lock case where a single toothed ratchet engages it. The lock is a multi-lever (3) type which can have multiple configuration but tended to stick to just one (101). Turning the key counterclockwise about 120 degrees will pull back the ratchet and allow the bow to be pulled back out. Turning the key clockwise a full turn will double lock the cuff, preventing any further tightening. To double-unlock, turn the key a full turn counterclockwise.

The mechanism is hard to pick because the walls between the keyhole and the center pin are very narrow - this also makes the key somewhat weaker and likelier to break. There is no distinction between the left and right cuffs - they are identical and thus if put on symetrically have keyholes on opposing sides. The two cuffs are connected by three waffle links with no swivel.

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