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Showing Clejuso HW Handcuffs

Clejuso HW Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

These are the heaviest model of the new Clejuso line of handcuffs. Very "clunky", weighing in at 1Kg (2.2 Lbs.), these are swing-through handcuffs. Once applied and adjusted, they double lock with a finger

Notes from Klaus:

Recently I happened to experiment with Clejuso made handcuffs #13 (heavy) and #15 (most heavy) and the #8 leg irons (adjustable). [Here are my conclusions regarding] Interchangeability of keys as I found it.

The keys look the following in ASCII art:

 =========(0)      =========(0)       =========(0)
##### ##### #####
##^### ##^## ##^#/

foot shackle handcuff handcuff modified

In principle one could obtain a handcuff key by filing off the extra part on the shackle key. The modified handcuff key actually has a part of the edge filed off.

Foot shackle key opens foot shackle, handcuff keys open handcuff as one does expect.nThe foot shackle key does not open any handcuff.

Any key will open the single-locked leg shackle.

Now the louble-locked legiron is the interesting case. It seems that the extra piece on the foot shackle key disengages the double lock. No problem with the proper key of course. Dumb inserting of the handcuff key does not unlock. But insert it, turn slightly, then pull towards you while turning the key unlocks it.

In principle there could be a ridge preventing the key to be pulled towards you but for one reason or another it is not in place. Thus knowing the trick, the untampered handcuff key turns out to be a universal key.

Now the modified key. The lacking edge is just the part which could have disengaged the double locking.

Somehow I find this cute. Open, close and readjust it as you like, but once one has pressed the double lock button the key becomes pretty damn useless...

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