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AEDEC Pro-Straint Chair

Type: Chair

This chair is meant to hold a violent prisoner and prevent him/her from hurting himself/herself for an indefinite time. It can also be used to secure someone during interrogation. Considered a "portable chair-sized jail" and called "a Sadomasochistic Barcalounger", it certainly does the job well.

The chair is designed so that the prisoner cannot tip it over (very low center of gravity). The head cannot be knocked against anything either, further increasing the safety of the chair.

The upper body is fastened into the chair by means of two shoulder belts (that don't come down from above the shoulders so much as from the sides) and by a waist belt that is more of a lap belt. The shoulder, waist and shin belts are used to secure the prisoner. The shoulder and shin belts are self locking and have "wands" attached for tightening them. The three upper belts have no quick release latch on the buckle. To open them a small pointy object must be inserted into the buckle (such as a handcuff key or a pen). The shin belt has a regular tab quick release.

The calves are placed in the stocks-like arrangement near the front-bottom of the chair, the rubber-and-web seat belt are used to keep the legs in and the two part strap attached to the bottom and top of the stocks in the middle are used as extra security to keep the legs separate.

There are two positions that the chair can be used in:

  1. Hands handcuffed behind back: In this case, the prisoner is placed in the seat and belted in. The hands and handcuffs rest in the appropriate depressions in the back of the chair.

  2. Hands to the side. In this case the hands are restrained with the optional web-velcro restraints supplied. The belts attached to these restraints are passed through slots in the lower back of the chair and snapped onto the rear bottom of the chair. Next the tabs on the straps are used to tighten them and pull the hands snugly to the base of the chair body.

The chair also comes with two web-velcro leg restraints which are placed around the ankles and passed through the slots in the back of the stocks. The belts are then snapped onto the rear bottom of the chair. Tabs on the belts are used to pull the legs all the way into the stocks.

The chair is constructed of 3/4" welded square tubing frame, and an 1/8" ABS plastic body.

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