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Gotcha Model 930 Swivel High Security Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:Gotcha Handcuffs

Externally, these cuffs are chunky, with a satin finish. The edges are a tad sharp. The lock and double-lock both require the key to use and are accessible from both sides of the lock case. The finish on both sides of the lock case is subtly different allowing one to note that the cuffs themselves are actually not mirror images. There is a single link between them though their larger than "normal" size means that they compare to other production official cuffs in how far apart the wrists are when in them. The action is smooth and has a good "sound/feel" to it. They do not "snap" on quite as easily as others. The key is a hollow cylindar with a nib inside that hooks in a matching nib in the key post in the lock case. Turning the key in one direction double-locks while in the other direction is unlocks both the double and single locks allowing the cuffs to open. There are two keys available (by request, at time of purchase, or afterwards), a short one and a long one. Both are pictured here. They come with a case (standard balistic nylon). The accompanying instructions are clear if somewhat gramatically challenged. They are individually serial numbered and the company is making a concentrated effort to sell these to LEO's exclusively, I suppose in an attempt to keep the keys out of the general public access.

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