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American Handcuff N-400 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:American Handcuff

These hinged cuffs are similar in shape to the American Handcuff N-100 Handcuffs chain variety except that they are joined by three ball-ended pins which serve as a hinge. Motion is NOT limited to one plain, rather it is constrained to about 30 degrees of motion in the rotational plain as well as full motion in the hinge plain. If the cuffs are correctly applied (with the keyhole facing AWAY from the hands) it is unlikely that a prisoner could escape them, even with a key!

They are designed to offer some relief compared to "regular" hinged handcuffs which have a tendency, because of their rigidity, to cause injury to prisoners (dislocated shoulders, etc..) Many police departments are unhappy with hinged cuffs due to this problem and these are designed to offer a third option - more secure than chain cuffs but less dangerous than fully hinged cuffs.

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