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American Handcuff N-550 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:American Handcuff

American Handcuff has done it again. They have just come out with an innovative new product, the N-550 (and its brother, the lightweight aluminum A-550) Hinged Handcuff. Basically a variation on a theme, this cuff has some refinements that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • The body is elongated and trimmed to allow for a more secure grip while being applied.
  • The wrist openings are eliptically contoured to prevent slippage and rotation.
  • The wrist openings are tilted for reduced pressure on to the wearer's wrists.
  • The two hinge plates allow for some off-axis motion adding to their safety.
  • The finish is well up to the American Handcuff standards.

All in all a cuff that should do quite well in the market place.

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