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Maltby Leg Irons

From Joseph's collection

Type: Leg Irons

The Mattatuck Company of Waterbury, Conn. manufactured three brands of handcuffs, The earliest brand were the Matlby line, coming in both flat key and round trikey models. Later Judd and Mattatuck brand handcuffs were marketed. The Judd handcuffs also used the round trikey. The Mattatuck handcuffs had a bitted key. Judd leg irons are quite common, but Maltby leg irons and conventional Mattatuck leg irons are thought to be only rumored or nonexistant. However, there is indeed a Mattatuck leg iron. Made in the early years of the company at the same time as the Maltby handcuffs, it take a conventional flat Malty key. It is stamped "The Mattatuck" even though it uses a Maltby key.

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