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Russian Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

A ripoff of the "standard" modern swing-through design (ala

Peerless Handcuffs, Smith & Wesson 100 Handcuffs,

Hiatt 2010 Handcuffs), these cuffs have the distinction of being poorly constructed (rough edges, loose tolerances, stiff mechanism) from a blued steel. They are also a little smaller (i.e. snugger fit - like the Crocket&Kelly Handcuffs). An instruction manual in Russian was included with these cuffs.

The key is non-standard but approximately the same size as a "standard" key. Double-locking is similar to "standard" cuffs.

Translation of the manual curtesy of Ivan Grishin

Product "BR-S" PASSPORT "BR-S"
- 00.00.000 PS

1. Product purpose

a) Product BR-S (next product) purposed for using by law enforcement
to restrict physical ability of people to make unlawful (illegal)

b) Product purposed for using in the climatic factors of external environment
described in GOST 15150-89 manufacturing 0 category 1.1

2. General technical data and characteristics

a) Effort to break, more than 150 kg
b) Working cycles, more than 5000 times
c) Dimension, mm 249x86x13 (25,4 mm = 1 inch)
d) Weight, less than 0,5 kg

3. Completeness

In completeness of deliveries included:

a) Product BR-S 00.00.000
b) Passport BR-S 00.00.000 PS

4. Description of construction

Product is two locking mechanism connected by forged (welded) chain, rotating
sector with tooths (bow) and the key.

1) Locking mechanism
2) Sector (bow)
3) Ring
4) Key
5) Push pin

5. Order of preparing to work

a) Check whether or not product in working order before using. Follow this:

- be sure that sector 2 (bow) rotating freely,
- engage tooth sector 2 (bow) in locking mechanism
- Actuator of a the key 4 push the push-pin 5 inside of locking
mechanism 1 (double lock locking mechanism)
- Set the key in keyhole and turn to counterclockwise (double-unlock
locking mechanism),
- Turn the key 4 in clockwise direction and disengage the sector 2 (bow)
from locking mechanism.

b) Locking mechanism must properly working by relative not strong
force to the key.

6. Working order

a) Before using product should in initial state: sector 2 engaged in
locking mechanism 1, not double-locking (push-pin 5 not engaged)
b) After using (application) bow 2 engage in locking mechanism. Be
carefull, don't tightness to stop blood circulation.
c) To prevent picking of locking mechanism by extraneous things, push
the push-bin 5 by actuator on the key 4.
d) To remove product set key in keyhole, turn the key in
counterclockwise direction (double-unlock product), then turn the key
in clockwise direction, hold key in this situation and disengage bow 2
from locking mechanism.

7. Maintenance service.

a) Technical maintenance performing to check technical state of
product and detecting malfunction of product work.
b) Not less often than 4 times per year necessary performing
lubricating of locking mechanism.
c) In case of broke any parts of product, product must stop using and
cannot restore (repair).

8. Shipping (transportation) and storing (keeping)

a) Product can be shipped (transportation) by any kind of transport.
b) Product must be stored (keeped) in transport container in closed
room with temperature of air from +5 C to +40 C and relative humidity
no more than 80 percents.

9. Certificate on acceptance

a) Product meets specification BR-S 00.00.000 TU (Specification) and
Is recognized suitable for operation.

M.P. = Place for stamp

Predsedatel' OTK = Chief of Department of Technical Contol (they
test a products)

Data vypuska = Date of manufacturing

10. Warranty

a) Manufacture guarantee that product meet its specification if
customer will be observe the service regulations.
b) Warranty period is 18 months from date of sending to customer.

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