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Lips Old Handcuffs

Lovell Handcuffs

Lovell Leg Irons

Luna Handcuffs

Lutz, Royce, Trenor and Chadwick Come Along

Magnetic Lock Handcuffs

Maltby 3-Way Handcuffs

Maltby Bar Handcuffs

Maltby Come Along

Maltby Flat-Key Handcuffs

Maltby High Security Handcuffs

Maltby Lead Handcuffs

Maltby Leg Irons

Maltby Tri-Key Handcuffs

Manila Handcuffs

Marlin-Daley Handcuffs

Marlin-Daley Heavy Handcuffs

Marlin-Daley Swivel Handcuffs

Martin Belly Chain

Martin Collar

Martin Figure-8 Handcuffs

Martin Figure-8 Leg Irons

Martin In-Line Zank-Shrew Combination

Martin Plastic Zank-Shrew Combination

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