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Smith & Wesson Model-1 Hinged Handcuffs

Smith & Wesson Single Cuff Lead Chain with Model 104 Handcuff

South-African Handcuffs

South-African Hinged Handcuffs

South-African Leg Irons


Stotz Come-Along

Stotz Handcuffs

Strauss First Model Handcuffs

Strauss Handcuffs

Strauss Leg Irons

Super-K Thumbcuffs

Takeda Handcuffs

Texas Ball & Chain

Thomas Nipper Come Along

Thompson Plug Handcuffs

Thum-Cuff Thumb Cuffs

TKS Type-E Patrol Handcuffs

Tower 3-Way Handcuffs

Tower All Brass Handcuffs

Tower Bean Handcuffs

Tower Come Along

Tower Detective Handcuffs

Tower Detective Leg Irons

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