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Deutsche-Polizei WW-II Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:Deutsche Polizei

These are are double-locking swingthrough cuffs. The key is turned one way to unlock (and un-double lock) and the other way to double lock. The cuffs actually come in two forms, with the keyholes on the same side and with the keyholes on opposite sides.

Each cuff has the words Schutzmarke "Deutsche Polizei" engraved on it as well as ZU and AUF which mark the directions in which to turn the key to unlock (and un-double lock) or double lock.

The Word "Schutzmarke" means "registered trade-mark". This term has only been in use since 1950 when all official marks containing "Deutsches Reich" were eleminated. The same cuffs can be found with the Letters "D.R. PAT." engraved on them, which means "Deutsches Reich Patent". With this alternative marking, cuffs can be dated to between 1911 and 1950 and were probably in use by the German Police during WW-II.

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