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Securitech Titan Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

Constructed of 1/4" laser cut hardened plate steel riveted together with stainless steel rivets which are welded to the frame on the underside to prevent punching them out. The latch mechanism is spring-backed. The finger actuated levers are used to release the ratchet. A padlock through the hole in the middle of the cuffs prevents the levers from being moved. These must be the strongest pair of handcuffs I have ever seen. The advanced materials and processing used in their construction, coupled with the fact that a high security padlock can (and should) be used to lock them, and finally, the fact that they are a rigid handcuff makes them as close to escapeproof as anything. The one drawback I have found is that the edges on this early model are somewhat sharp and will likely injure the wearer's wrists. These are designed and manufatured by Securitech.

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