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Tower Edge-Key 2 Handcuffs

Tower Edge-Key Handcuffs

Tower Edge-Key Leg Irons

Tower Handcuffs

Tower Leg Irons

Tower Single Handcuffs

Tower Stop Handcuffs

Tower Swivel Handcuffs

Tower Union Handcuffs

Tower-Lyon Thumb Cuffs

Toy Handcuffs

Trilock CB-1001 Cable Handcuffs

Trilock CH-1001 Handcuffs

Trilock HG-1001 Hinged Handcuffs

Trilock Strap Handcuffs

TT Ball & Chain

TUFF KUFFS Stainless Handcuffs

Union Tower Detective Handcuffs

Unknown "Polish" Figure-8 Handcuffs

Unknown Ball & Chain Leg Irons Combination

Unknown Ball and Chain

Unknown Convict Handcuffs

Unknown Darby Collar

Unknown Darby Collar

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