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Manufactured by Hiatt (24 of 52)

Hiatt Darby 104-L Nickel Leg Irons

Type: Leg Irons

A modern version of the Hiatt Darby Antique Handcuffs made by Hiatt for centuries. These are made from a "pot" metal which is weaker than the steel used in days past. The keys are made of the same metal alloy and are known to strip if not handled carefully.

Possibly the most "comfortable" leg irons ever made. These have rounded contoured edges that fit around the ankle well. They are not adjustable (one size fits, or doesn't fit, all). The lock is a spring backed bolt that has an external threading. The key has an internal threading.

They are also no longer manufactured under this name as Hiatt has decided that the bad publicity was not worth it. Why bad publicity? Well, in the late 80's, Amnesty International came out with a TV show called "Torture in the 80's" which detailed, among others, the trials and tribulations of a political prisoner in South America who maintained that he was locked into a pair for many months (possibly years). One of his biggest complaints was that the object of his bondage had "Made in England" engraved on each bow. He also flashed a pair of Hiatt Leg Irons while talking to the camera. At the same time, the British Parliament decided that the S&M crowd and foreign oppressive governments were the only consumers of these and called for their banning.

Of course the absurdity is that compared to modern swing through leg irons, these were much less nasty on the prisoner both over the short AND long haul.

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