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Manufactured by Hiatt (44 of 52)

Hiatt HSS9 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

These are Hiatts first entry in the field of high security handcuffs. The double locks on the hinged cuffs are a 5 pin cylinder lock - keyed alike for both sides. Each pair can be individually keyed. It is also possible to key multiple pairs alike for convenience and to satisfy protocol. These cuffs are intended primarily for transport although they could also be used in an insitution on high risk prisoners.

From the "Hiatt" literature:

"This handcuff is aimed at those agencies who have to restrain and transport Class 5 Security Risk personnel.

Each set of HSS is capable of having its' own specific lock which can only be opened by the matching key. Other HSS-9 keys will not open it unless keyed specifically to that lock.

In the Corrections Industry it is possible, through this unique design, to offer four or five unique combinations to an Insitution in order to segment the handcuffs by cell block or ward.

In cases of olong distance moves, the keys can be mnade compatible at both ends of the trip or only available from the transporting Department, so that they can only be unlocked by that Departments' escorting officer(s). This also reduces the "loss" or "mixing" of handcuffs from one department to another."

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