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Manufactured by Hiatt (47 of 52)

Hiatt M1985 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

These handcuffs aren't actually manufactured by Hiatt but they are marketed by them. The manufacturer APPEARS to be "Manuhrin" (as imprinted on the body of the cuffs). The design is very similar to Revolier Max Securité handcuffs. Elliptical in shape, they fit a wrist better than a round cuff and are harder to rotate the wrists in. They double lock with a tumbler lock at the base of the body using a small Yale-like key. The single lock key is different and looks like a large "standard" handcuff key. They are made of an aluminum alloy which is very light and strong. The bow is anodized black while the body is pearl gray. They also have a very hard action: they CANNOT be "snapped" on.

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