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Manufactured by Fetters (16 of 24)

The Fetters line is manufacturer for and distributed by Mr. S Leather and Fetters. Originally manufactured in the UK, they are now made in the US. The originals had fully welded hinges and were made of a shiny hard steel. The newer ones are not welded at the hinges and are of a softer (easier on the skin too) powder coated iron. They are made from 1.5" wide 1/8" thick strap iron. The hinges are rolled from the straps rather than separate. The locks are typically an allen wrench bolt in one side which screws into a nut on the other side. The key is distinctively cross shaped with a short allen key as the long extension.

The Pre-18th century design is based on historical patterns from the UK and europe. Simple and chunky.

Fetters Rigid Collar+Handcuffs Combination

Type: Combination

This restraint device is right up there with a Fetters Cravat Combination when it comes to discomfort and built like a neck and wrists stock. The wrists are rigidly held about 1.5' from either side of the neck. Three screw-type locks keep the device secure - it would be impossible for a prisoner to reach the locks even if the key (which is a simple allen wrench) were available. This is an older Fetters product manufactured of a higher strength steel and welded at all points.

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