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Manufactured by Fetters (19 of 24)

The Fetters line is manufacturer for and distributed by Mr. S Leather and Fetters. Originally manufactured in the UK, they are now made in the US. The originals had fully welded hinges and were made of a shiny hard steel. The newer ones are not welded at the hinges and are of a softer (easier on the skin too) powder coated iron. They are made from 1.5" wide 1/8" thick strap iron. The hinges are rolled from the straps rather than separate. The locks are typically an allen wrench bolt in one side which screws into a nut on the other side. The key is distinctively cross shaped with a short allen key as the long extension.

The Pre-18th century design is based on historical patterns from the UK and europe. Simple and chunky.

Fetters Rigid Handcuffs + Leg Irons Combination

Type: Combination

These hold ones wrists and ankles in line with each other. Typically from in front, though I have seen them used behind the back (only on very limber people!) One cannot move at all while wearing these not to mention the pain in the back, over time. Obviously intended as a torturous as well as restraining device.

They have a single "standard" allen wrench bolt lock.

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