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Bri-Circle Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs
Manufacturer:Yantai Muping Guanghuan company

The handcuffs are a modern version of the H&R Super Handcuffs used by the FBI in the earlier part of the 20th century. They differ in some respects. Rather than use a single tongue to engage to bow, they have a small star shaped ring which rotates at the top of the lock case. It is allowed to rotate only in one direction by a ratchet from inside the case. When the key is turned inside the case, the ratchet is disengaged allowing the bow to swing back out. This adds security to the cuff by preventing shimming. The key is also rather difference in that it has a triangle shaped whole in it that fits over a similar shaped pin sticking out of the bolt rather than the double-prong that the H&R has - it is much less likely to break unexpectedly. Much like the H&R, access to the lock is only possible if the link that is part of the lock case is rotated to 90 degrees with the cuff. The overall workmanship is lower, by far, than the H&R. The extra security measures add a lot. Overall a nice cuff.

Comments by Markus Fecht:

The chinese handcuffs (Chinese HC.F.html) are made by "Yantai Muping Guanghuan Group Co LTD, Police Equipment Factory" and are called "BRI-CIRCLE".

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