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Chubb Detainer 1K70 Handcuffs

Type: Handcuffs

These are the "standard" (as in not high security) version of the Chubb cuff. They are known as "Detainer" or "Arrest." The key is a 3-lever solid post. Double locking can be accomplished either by turning the key in the clockwise direction a whole revolution or by pushing the double locking actuating knob at the base of the cuff with a finger. Unlocking is accomplished by turning the key counter-clockwise. To double unlock the key must be turned counter-clockwise one and half times. There are two ratchets side by side and a single groove on the bow with matching ridge in the cuff body. These two features add security to the cuff.

Finish: Body - Glass Bead Blasted and Clear acquered.
Ratchet Arms, Chain Links, Swivels and Pins - Nickel Plated.
Materials of consutrction:
Body Castings - LM24 Aluminium Pressyure Die Castings.
Ratchet Arm - Mild Steel Chrome Plated.
Keys - High Tensile Brass.
Weight - 350 Grams (12.3 oz.)

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