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Colt 1st-model Handcuffs

From Joseph Fox's collection

Type: Handcuffs

First model of this cuff. Circa: Early 1970s.

The Book of Colt Firearms, by R. L. Wilson, c 1993, it shows an ad for “New handcuffs by Colt’s.”

The copy states: “Rugged, nickel-plated, top quality steel handcuffs from Colt’s are now available for law enforcement and private security use. Polished on all surfaces, double locking to prevent over-tightening, Colt’s handcuffs fully meet U.S. Military and Police specifications. Surface hardness is 80-98 Rockwell “B.” Handcuffs will withstand 500 pound test for opening or separating. Individually packed and wrapped in corrosion inhibiting paper, they are supplied with two keys, and instructions for double locking. Each pair carries a serial number and is permanently marked with the famous Rampart Colt trademark.

Police Retail Price $14.25 pr.”

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