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Darby Handcuffs (Click Animation title to see it).

Darby cuffs have been around for 300+ years. There is an adjustable model, but most of the ones made were not adjustable, as in this animation. The key is an internally threaded one. The action of screwing it onto the bolt causes the bolt to retract which releases the bow. Locking does not require the key since the bow can push past the bolt which then springs into a hole in the bow, locking the cuffs.

Swingthrough (Click Animation title to see it).

Standard "regulation" double locking swing through handcuffs. The internal mechanism is only an approximation. The cuffs can swing through allowing them to be applied while locked (though not while double locked.) Once applied, however, they can not be removed without use of key. The key can also be used to double lock the cuffs. The double lock is a bolt that is pushed into place by the other side of the key once the cuffs have been applied. The bolt prevents the ratchet from moving thus preventing the cuffs from tightening any further as well as enhancing security by making picking more diffecult.

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